SBI! Reviews: Infopreneur, Update 2

A Quick Post-Cuba Update

Hi Ken!

Happy holidays - sort of belated, I guess.

It's been a while. I hope you're all well. I was planning on updating you on our success story from Cuba (I know you love my "wandering updates" -- SBI! has literally set me free!). I had everything organized in my mind, all the points detailed and I just had to write it out.

I went to the Internet place with Tamar in a city called Viñales (Internet costs 10$/hour there!!!) Before getting into the muse, I checked my stats after about a week away from the computer and OH NO, traffic had dropped through the floor!

Here I am together with Tamar "At Work" at the Internet place in Viñales (Cuban flags everywhere in Cuba!). I'm still smiling, moments before I checked our traffic stats.

It was not only hot in Cuba, our traffic drop came during the hottest season of the year for us - Halloween. Right up to that moment, all I had to write about was just success, success, and more success.

There was no quick fix from Cuba. Obviously I was in no mood for writing a success story. But good drama only adds to the story, as it turns out.

Now, three months later and simply creating more and more great content, exactly the way SBI! says, traffic is going through the roof again. And all the while, what kept me going was my complete belief in the process.

Since the last update, Tamar and I built two new sites: and Tamar and I swore that this year (2006) we wouldn't open any new sites and just focus on these three. (We are building a "coolest" brand, as you can see.) Two days later...

Tamar and I are working at such a pace right now that we decided to buy two more SBIs. By the end of the month they'll be online, starting their slow-but-steady growth, and then the "snowball" growth. You'll be proud - I'm sure - we're following the Action Guide word by word -- "coolest" will be brand.

It's just like you say in the Action Guide. People are foolish if they try to outthink that guide, I tell you.

When the new sites are up, I'll gather my thoughts, sit myself down, and write you a full update to our growing success story. I do follow this site and am very proud to contribute.

I think the most fantastic part is the way the people you feature update their success stories.

That long-term growing success -- that is the real power of SBI!.

Yes, you might have a "down" month, but doesn't every business? And we just had to keep on doing what we were doing. Google "knows" the cream of the sites and we re-rose to the top.

And this also pointed out so well what you always say (again), which is to diversify! One of the most important points is having more than one stream of income. So wait until you see our new sites.

That's it for now. I'll be in touch soon and hopefully no more "drama" for this year. But, you know that old expression "the exception proves the rule"? Well, I guess you could say "the drama proves the rule" because we are now sailing higher and faster than ever before.

Best regards and have a wonderful Year! I'll send a full update shortly.