SBI! Reviews: Infopreneur, Update 3

More sites, more traffic, more business

Hi Ken!

Tamar took a year off school to focus on building our sites. She's amazing!!! She does all the dirty work - actually I call it the dirty work and she says that what I do is the dirty work...

Together we decide on a battle plan and then she's in charge of brainstorming words, creating the "raw" content, graphics, printables - she then sends everything over to me and I'm in charge of editing everything, getting it online and everything that has to do with traffic. Let's say that at the rate she's been working, I've got about 6 months of work in my inbox from her.

Luckily, she's going back to school next year!

Traffic to the original kid party site is very stable right now. Tamar says that in the future, it'll be our smallest site, because our other sites are gaining lots of momentum.

We're building a strong "coolest" brand, now over 5 sites. The newest three are growing so quickly. Visitors are sending in their own recipes, ideas, and so forth. Who would of thought we'd be building our own little "coolest" empire?

You won't believe how many copy-cat sites I've run into. But your advice is turning out correct, Ken. Our energy and passions creates "uncopiable" content with a unique voice, like the cakes and costumes sites and just believing that the passion we have for our sites is stronger than those who have other things in mind.

We'll always be a step ahead. Plus, of course, Google is eliminating copy-sites faster and faster -- we've seen them disappearing lately. And that makes sense, too. Google wants to reward good sites, since their mission is to deliver great search results.

Ken, in case you think I'm locked up somewhere doing all this...

"The Wandering Israeli" music show has been going great! (Naama, my wife, is my agent and wife... Our marriage is the biggest success of them all!) I perform with two amazing musicians and in June alone we have 14 shows - it's crazy, it's draining, but it's so much fun and so rewarding. It doesn't leave me that much time to work on the sites, though.

I recently told Tamar that, once we've got the sites operating on a routine basis like the kid parties site is today, I'm planning to create an original site to promote SBI. I'm not sure exactly what I mean by "original", but I'll make sure to find out.

SBI! changes lives, Ken. More people need to know that, and I'd love to "pay it forward" (as they say in the SBI! forums). And, of course, it will be another profitable site (but that goes without saying!).

Take care and best regards to the family,