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The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

Solo Build It! (SBI!) is the only all-in-one, step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving online businesses. Everything that you need to grow an online business is built-in.

SBI! works for every type of solopreneur. For example, are you thinking of starting an Internet-based, work-from-home business? SBI! is perfect, even if you have no online business experience.

Website ≠ Business

web hosts

There are so many Web hosting and sitebuilder companies chasing your business... from the one-(wo)man-shop "local expert webmaster" to the largest multi-national companies. They all promise the instant gratification of "getting your site up."

The only problem is that site does not equal business. Building a website is only one step in a much bigger process. While anyone can put up a website nowadays, it will never be easy to build a high-traffic, profitable business.

That's where we come in. We make it doable.

SBI! builds businesses, not just websites. The SBI! success rate is more than 100 times higher than that of the average would-be solopreneur (no typo!).

This Page Is All About Long-Term Success

We prove success in several ways. For example...

  • 500 "Top 1%" Solopreneurs. These are "half-percenters," the highest-trafficked sites in the world. Out of 170 million active sites in the world, each of these 500 sites is in the Top 1 out of 200! No other company can show results like this.
  • Real-Life Solopreneur Successes. These are more recent stories from the SiteSell Blog. We accompany them with valuable "takeaway lessons" that you can use in your own business, even if you don't use SBI!.

No other business presents proof of success in so many different ways. Ours is a small community of solopreneurs with "BAM." The number of successes rivals that of web hosts/sitebuilders with more than a hundred times as many clients.

This page is special in its own way — it's all about long-term success...

We follow these solopreneurs for years. Some of the stories start as early as 2002-3. They send in periodic updates (sometimes setbacks, usually advances) over the years that pass.

The point of this is to show the longevity of SBI! businesses. The reason that they thrive and grow is simple...

The more complex the Internet (and online business) becomes, the more value SBI! adds. We update and boil the process and tools down to what folks need. That way, you can focus 100% on your business. This is an important part of the long-term SBI! advantage.

Scan the page and find a success story or two that resonate for you. Read them completely — you'll understand how business-building with SBI! is a journey and what it could do for you...

The destination is freedom through business ownership. The story is one of personal growth, each individual pushing to levels they would never have thought possible.

Ready to take some long-term, multi-update, deep-dives? Let's get started...


The people featured here receive no compensation of any kind from SiteSell. Their stories are true. They write and update their SBI! reviews as their way to share their experience with you.

If you read all of these Case Studies, you'll notice one common thread... They all simply did it. They have "BAM" ("Brain - Attitude - Motivation"), the key ingredient that you must add to SBI!.

  • "Brain" does not mean "brainy." It means they have, or developed, knowledge in a niche.
  • "Attitude" means they are positive and resilient.
  • "Motivation" means they want to build a business. They have an unshakeable vision of being in control, of being free. They happily sacrifice leisure activities to find the hours to "just do it."

We point this out because we do not want to falsely raise your expectations. SBI! does not deliver "automatic success." Nothing can. But if you bring BAM to the table, we deliver the best chance of success in the world.

Your degree of success depends on your own level of "BAM," upon how much time you devote to building your business, and upon following the SBI! Action Guide and its "C T P M" process (every successful SBIer will tell you, "Follow the Action Guide").

Cut Through Doubt and Noise

These SBI! reviews of business progress are detailed recountings of individual experiences, each in their own words, in their own styles.

Special Prize

As you review their SBI! experience, do more than read the words — read between the lines. Follow the updates. Feel the emotion they have for SBI!. It's the very rare product that creates the type of intensity you are about to experience.

With that in mind, let's deep-dive into the long-term SBI! business lives of solopreneurs from around the globe — people who "took a chance" and then realized...

Their world had changed.

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Case Study: Work At Home Moms (WAHM)


Crystal, a non-techie, turns her passion for cooking into a successful online business. It all started with some emails to friends about easy dinner ideas. Now this WAHM, with four teenage kids all in sports, loves how she can work whenever and wherever she wants.

"While I loved my career when I was single, I found the stress of working long hours when I had small children was very taxing. I no longer feel stressed when one of my kids needs to stay home from school. I can take care of them and still work on my business. I wake up excited every morning. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I learn something new or master a new skill."

Read how Crystal has achieved a family-work balance
that meets everyone's needs, especially her own!

Case Studies: E-goods Creators/Sellers


This bureaucrat turned to the Internet and SBI! for his "last shot at financial and career freedom." A ClickBank expert, Shaun uses SBI!'s C T P engine to drive ClickBank's sales of his e-books.

Not only does his online business generate solid income for him, but it also builds up equity over time. Shaun has the freedom to either keep his business or sell it for a substantial sum and move on to new challenges.

That's exactly what he has done, after 16+ years as online publisher and writing help expert.

"When I started my first online writing help website with SBI! back in 2001 I had no idea what it would lead to. Not only did I end up with a network of writing-related high-traffic websites, I authored at least 15 to 20 how-to books/ebooks! Who knew!?

It allowed me to earn a very good income entirely online for more than a decade.

Then at the end of it all, came the silver lining! Everything I had created over the years had value for someone else who was willing to pay me a decent price for the results of all of my labors!"

Find out how Shaun's "last shot" was just the beginning.

Gerhild Fulson Solo Build It! Review
Gerhild Fulson  Solo Build It! Review

"How hard can it be?" Gerhild Fulson thought when she volunteered to build a web presence for the ministry she and her husband had founded in Germany. She chose a recipe site as her "training ground."

A few years into her webmaster career, a lightbulb went off in her head. Her recipe site had enough business potential to raise all necessary fundings for their ministry -- if she only treated it as a business.

Once she switched her mindset from "building a website" to "building a business," profits started to soar. She redesigned and rebranded her web presence, grew a massive following on Facebook and Pinterest, added a store, and is now selling more digital cookbooks than ever before. She also started selling print-on-demand items, like T-shirts and mugs.

"Most importantly, since I really do enjoy all that I do, I'm just going to keep on doing it, together with my hubby. With an online business, as long as there’s internet, there’s no telling where we'll go."

"The alternative? Since I'll soon be 70 and hubby 80, should we be sitting in those proverbial rocking chairs? I think not."

Read how Gerhild evolved from Web newbie to Influencer, all thanks to Solo Build It! and a change in mindset.

Click here for more information on how SBI! is used to sell e-goods.

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Case Studies: Travel Sites


The vast majority of offline small businesses still don't have a clue, let alone a website. If they do have a site, it's likely the proverbial "far away tree in that faraway forest." Does it even make a sound when it falls? Well, does a site even exist if it gets no traffic?

Those "no-clue" businesses are opportunities for you. Become their joint venture "content partners." Refer traffic to them.

Get paid on a pay-per-click or pay-per-lead basis. Or earn a referrer or finder's fee for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. Or negotiate per-month advertising arrangements.

"I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life. That, more than money, more than learning about the Web, more than, more than learning how to write well, that is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!. Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?"

Here's how a 14-year old girl started her own business as a part-time hobby, and today generates thousands of dollars per month as a part-time business.

What offline small businesses could you partner with? Real estate agents? Service businesses? They need you now.

Click here for more information on how SBI! is used to generate substantial finder's fees.


Living in what she calls the "Outback of the Australian Outback," a website seemed like a crazy idea to B. Bradkte. Internet access in her area is slow and unreliable.

However, 15 months and 2 SBI! websites later, B. is happily self-employed, after quitting her soul-destroying day job. She writes about what she loves, and is free to roam the world with her laptop.

"What can I say? Life has never been better. Freedom is something that can't be paid for. It's not that I work less, I probably work more than I ever did, but I do it on my own terms. It doesn't feel like work at all. I am confident that I will never have to work for others again unless I want to!"

Click here for the story of how B. got what she wanted...
a home in the Outback, and the freedom to travel.

We all have favorite destinations, places we'd love to write about...

Click here for more information on how to build your own travel site/business.

Case Studies: Hard Goods Sellers/E-Commerce


Health concerns forced Louann to resign from a much-loved full-time position managing a florist shop and handling wedding contracts. But she wasn't financially ready to take early retirement.

Flash forward and Louann is now the proud owner of a thriving e-commerce business where she teaches brides how to create their own wedding flowers and provides the supplies they need to accomplish that goal. Creative information + well-stocked store = one-stop shopping for brides! On top of that...

A florist wholesaler was so impressed with her site's traffic and sales growth that he drop-ships Louann's orders, which means that she has access to a warehouse full of products that she doesn't have to spend a dime on until she sells them!

"My first year in sales were over $12,000 and the following year I more than doubled it with over $32,000 in sales. I anticipate continued growth and have had great satisfaction in knowing that my business is growing by leaps and bounds."

Read how Louann stepped outside of her comfort range to take control of her financial future
and build a profitable e-commerce business that's always open!


An "offline entrepreneur," Richard is using his SBI! site to drive sales out of this world. Richard's product development went from the city dump in Ottawa, Canada to a licensing deal that distributes his unique, patented fence post stabilizer for wooden decks in stores throughout the United States.

His theme-based content site allowed him, as Richard says, to seed the market, prove the concept and then create a buzz that now has people going into stores and demanding his product.

"The website has allowed me to seed the market, prove the concept and create incredible buzz among the public who now go into stores demanding the product. This is how I was able to level the playing field and run around the big corporations to get my product to market."

Richard credits personal tenacity, intense desire, and his website
for sold-out inventory, global exposure, and licensing deals.


Ashley combines a passion for comic books with a love of web business, and has created a web "auction" hero!

Ashley publishes guides on prices of vintage comic books, and how-to's for people looking to dispose of their collections. People with a problem to solve (how to sell old comics) search for help on how much their books might be worth. His site also offers a free value appraisal service.

Ashley then buys comic book collections from visitors who wish to sell, and breaks them up for resale on eBay and in offline auctions. He also makes a commission when people buy comic books from eBay after reading his articles.

The eBay phenomenon has allowed "little guys" to become dealers in rare or vintage collectibles. With a ready market of millions to sell to, the problem for dealers is how to source items for their inventory. By helping people to help themselves downsize or dispose of unwanted vintage items, you can attract sellers without effort, and solve the problem of how to find great stuff to sell on eBay, or offline in a "real world" store.

"I gave up full-time eBay selling years ago. It was simply too challenging to source great vintage toys.“ I spent far too much time chasing new collections. But by implementing the skills I learned from my other SBI! businesses, and combining the traffic my comic book site generates with my eBay selling skills, I've created a really fun and profitable business which is growing faster than a speeding bullet!"

Read about Ashley's incredible journey.

Click here for more information on how SBI! is used to sell products.

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Case Studies: Sales & Rental Agents/Reps/Distributors


How do two Scots end up in warm, sun-kissed Tuscany, hobnobbing with Hollywood producers and visiting Salvatore Ferragamo?

SBI!. That's how.

Dreams do come true, if you dare them to be. And if you work to turn those dreams into reality.

This story is a powerful demonstration of how themed content drives yet another monetization model... a rental agency.

"If you'd told me 12 months ago that a couple of ex knitwear designers with very little experience of the web would now be running a successful web-based villa rental company I'd have found it hard to believe. If you then tried to convince me that their plans are now to run it from a poolside, looking out over the Tuscan hillside, sipping on a cocktail, I'd probably think the Tuscan sun had got to you!"

Read how this deserving family runs their business from poolside, looking out over the Tuscan hillside.

Case Studies: Local Businesses/Professions


Judd Burdon went from "dead-end Canadian asphalt man to cutting edge, international digital man" in less than a year. His is a fascinating story, one that may even help take your local business to the world!

Small local businesses are realizing the potential of the Web, not just to double or triple the size of your local business, but to take your business, in a different form, to the entire world.

"So, here I am with the U.S. Armed Forces inquiring about my business from overseas — about my very own website that I had no clue how to build or even start 3 months earlier! I was able to reach the global market 24X7, rather than just the local market for my paving company that I was used to reaching in the past. I had left the manual-labor era and had become what Ken Evoy calls a digital worker... a knowledge worker who can reach the globe by using his brain."

Read about Judd's incredible journey.

Click here for more information about how SBI! is used to drive local businesses.

The "bigger picture" of SBI! is the self-liberating empowerment. Own your own life by doing what you love, by owning your own business.

What Makes These Folks (and Thousands Like Them) Winners?


  • put themselves into SBI!'s hands
  • trust and follow the Action Guide
  • supply the Brain Attitude Motivation ("BAM!")
  • tune out all the other Web marketing noise and focus on building their businesses.

And soon, when they see a real business start to build, driven by targeted PREsold visitors (C T P) who Monetize...

They start to realize that their worlds have indeed changed forever, all because they jumped into SBI! with both feet and ran with it.

Try it and see for yourself...

Take SBI! home for a "No Risk Test Drive" today.

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SBI! Explained — Want More SBI! Reviews?

These really are everyday, regular people. Merely do what they did.

Next step? Understand C T P M and why it works. Review the process.

Already done that? Investigate the tools that help you execute the process flawlessly.