"WAHM" Case Study Update #2
SBI! Review by a (Former) Work at Home Mom

One thing I've learned with having an online business is that you need to be open to new possibilities and directions that you never expected to happen.

I initially started my dinner planning site, MakeDinnerEasy.com, because cooking was a passion of mine. Friends were always asking me for dinner suggestions and I had four small children at home which made working outside of the house financially difficult.

Ten years ago I would have described myself as non-techy. I didn't even know how to download photos from my camera. In the past ten years I not only built a profitable online business but my social media and website building skills propelled me into a different business environment altogether.

SBI! Review - Work At Home Mom

In addition to learning sound SEO practices and keyword research through SBI! I also used social media aggressively to drive traffic to MakeDinnerEasy.com. This worked extremely well in my niche.

So well that my social media presence caught the attention of several businesses in my local area who hired me to assist them with building their online presence.

The Birth of a New Business

I discovered that there was a real need by many local small business owners for SEO and social media management services.

My first client was a grocery store chain. They retained me not only because I was a food blogger but because they liked my approach to social media. I managed the social media presence for that company for four years.

During these 4 years I built up a clientele of over twelve companies that hired me as an independent contractor to expand their online presence.

I was also hired as a paid speaker for business and networking groups and held private training sessions for clients around the country to help them with their social media needs.

SBI! Review - Work At Home Mom

Success came at a price. I was exhausted and working more than 12 hours a day even after hiring an assistant. But then another door opened.

The Birth of a New Career

I joined my local Chamber of Commerce and was on the board of directors. This led to additional speaking engagements and new clients.

One day a fellow board member mentioned to me that there was an opening for a social media specialist at a large organization. First I dismissed it because I had my own thriving business. But, after a few more taps on the shoulder, I decided to apply.

I took the job and I'm thrilled that I did.

The Unplanned and Unexpected Path

I started my SBI! website because I needed flexibility with four young children. This year all of my children will either be away at college or have earned their degree.

In the time they were home I built a profitable online business and learned valuable skills that - as it turns out - are highly sought after.

Now I am enjoying a new career with my newly learned skills. Of course, I also still maintain and manage MakeDinnerEasy.com. Plus, I am a columnist in the food section of my local paper.

All of this began with SBI! in 2008. Life is good!

Crystal Maleski