SBI! Reviews: Selling Your Own Products
Update #2

"My building products company has a super weapon - my site. It draws in over 2 million visitors a year, and the numbers keep growing!"

boxes in basement

Hi Ken,

What an amazing year!

My first big news is that my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl Grace in August.

Second on the list?

My other "baby" - and Titan Building Products - almost tripled sales. As well, I moved inventory out of my basement and into my first warehouse, just as I had predicted in my last update.

I am now manufacturing enough units at a time that I bring them in 20 and 40 foot containers. I have sold over 25,000 post anchors since I began!

But more importantly, I have developed over 30 other products and have several new patent applications underway.

Other Inventors Seek My Help

My building products company has a super weapon - my site. It draws in over 2 million visitors a year, and the numbers keep growing!

Other inventors with patented products see my success and come to me, asking for help to develop and market their products. They don't have any online infrastructure to do this on their own.

So what I do is carefully select products that fit with my company brand / mission and then I sign a licensing agreement with royalties. WIN-WIN for everyone!


A Snapshot of My Business

Where is my business as this year comes to a close?...

  • I have a full time staff of two and a full time webmaster. I hired her from a local college, and taught her the ins and outs of SBI!. Now I just write content from time to time and provide guidance.

  • We have a new world class shopping cart under development.

  • We are in over 200 stores in 27 states and this all happened in March.

  • We are also in 50 stores in Ontario and all Lee Valley Tools outlets across Canada.

There is so much more to do. A new version of my post anchor will receive an International building code approval soon, which means it can be specified in large construction projects.

Looking Forward

My original vision is literally coming true, day by day. My site plays a big role in this...

I poll people on product ideas and pricing strategies all the time. I am also introducing e-books and I plan to start a newsletter.

I chuckle when I speak to other business people who still think they can whip up a site (usually outsourced to a non-SBI! webmaster) and that it will do well on the search engines. Of course, that's not going to happen unless it is planned well in advance, as SBI! taught me. But I prefer to let those business owners learn on their own, until they want to know about my super weapon, SBI!.

What an amazing life adventure and it just keeps rolling along. I dreamed very, very big, never giving up, and here we are today. Very fortunate indeed.

Best regards,

Richard Bergman, LLB
President, Titan Post Anchor Systems