SBI! Reviews: Rental Agency
Update #2

by Fiona McCardle and Jim Andrew

Thought we'd give you a quick update on things. Sorry we haven't sent in any news recently but a lot has been happening. We also wanted to keep online updates quiet until we had completed a few behind the scenes things.

  • The main site is growing steadily. Bookings are up, especially for luxury villas. We're also working with a few others to organize weddings.
  • We have been working on a number of new sites, weddings, luxury villas, buy a villa, wine tours, etc.
  • We've also been designing sites for other folks! People want the same kind of online success that we have.
  • And yes, Ken, you'll be glad to hear that we have graduated to using an HTML editor. You know how much we loved your "training wheels" block-by-block SiteBuilder. At last, we are doing things like "grown ups," ha ha!

2007 Will Be Fun

New sites.

New businesses!

Even international board meetings, wow!

Oh, just to remind you of the beauty of where we now live....

Here is a photo of our view the other morning.

We leave for Scotland tomorrow (3 in the morning!) to spend holiday time with the family. Just got to get our olives down to the olive press this afternoon, and we're all ready!!

Keep up all the good work and thank you so much for everything!

Fiona McCardle and Jim Andrew