SBI! Reviews: Destination Sites
Update #1

I Don't Want To Brag
But My Dad Asked Me To Update

by Nori Evoy

Last time I wrote...

"I feel so sad for people who are stuck working for people they don't like, for those who are forced to go to work, fight traffic, be in an office and then come home at the end of the day."

Thanks to SBI!, I know I never will.

Since I first wrote my story, it's been almost two years. I'll turn 17 in 3 months.

Since then, my site has grown and receives thousands of visitors per day, even though I only average an hour or two per week on it.

My main source of income is still from referring local businesses. Several houses have been sold and so many villas rented. Boats chartered. Cars rented. I really love Form Build It! -- that tool has made me so much money!

My dad helped me develop a fool-proof system for making sure everyone stays honest and I either charge per-click, per-lead, per-sale, or per-month. Just the other day, a 14-acre parcel of land came in to Jackie (the local real estate agent that I recommend) through my site. That land will sell for over $3,000,000. And I'll receive 10% of my real estate broker/partner's commissions.

And we are working on a more extensive relationship. I will be focusing on providing more and more content, while she concentrates on her business... selling. It's a fantastic partnership that will grow income for us both.

And Google AdSense is also extremely profitable. (I dropped Amazon and Priceline affiliate programs -- what a waste of clicks. Lucky, SBI! made it easy for me to analyze.)

I've learned an important skill... writing. I like writing and I've learned to write to PREsell. (Yes, I've read my Dad's book, MYCPS!, three times. No, he gives me no marketing help -- he tells me that the writing is much more important than worrying about being a "net marketing guru").

I've written articles for magazines, and done talk shows on Anguilla. I wish I had more time, like an adult, but between school, friends, homework, and other interests, I don't. And while I do the writing, my dad does all the photography...

But here's my favorite part...

Wherever I go on the island, people give me stuff... clothes, meals and so forth. Tourists recognize me at restaurants -- I see them nudge each other and point at me, as if I was a famous Hollywood star.

My Dad tells me that every SBIer is just like me, or can be. As he says, "they all become experts on their own islands." Except their islands are not geographic islands.

They are all experts in their islands of expertise.

Last time I wrote about my experience, I said this...

"Although I understood what I was doing, somehow it is still amazing when you see yourself at #1 on Google for "anguilla beaches" and when you see visitors arriving, and especially when you see all the people you reach from all over the world."

But I didn't understand fully what that meant. Now I'm on the Top 10 for almost every keyword that exists related to Anguilla, and many that are not, too. I'm even getting close to Top 10 for "beaches" at Google! Wow!

And that adds up to thousands of visitors every day. I get e-mail from honeymooners and other vacationers. They print my whole site out. So I want to sell an e-book soon. And...

On our most recent vacation to Anguilla, I brought my digital camcorder and filmed all over Anguilla... even a round-the-island boat tour. Well, I want to go to film school when I go to university. So...

I'm editing my own DVD which I will sell through Store Build It!. I already sell a keychain which I designed.

I had none of these dreams when I started. Like I said, I did not fully understand the meaning when my Dad would say, "Nori, the key is to OWN your own traffic. Once you do that, making money is the easy part. So many people never understand that, Nori."

Now I get it. I can build more content for my real estate partner and grow that income. I can sell an e-book. I can sell a DVD. And all of them will work because my site builds traffic and I don't spend any money to advertise. I actually make money from advertising (Google AdSense), instead of spending it!

Yes, once you have traffic, turning it into money is easy. THAT is what my Dad meant! It's so simple. My friends tell me that their parents want to call me and ask me what is wrong with their sites. I laugh and tell them that I'm not an expert and that they should just visit

Because I am not an expert. I'm just a 17 year old who loves Anguilla and who has learned to write, and because SBI! does all the hard stuff, a lot of which I still don't completely understand. I'll close with the same words I wrote the last time because I can't write better ones, even though I am two years older...

"I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life.

That, more than money, more than learning about the Web, more than anguilla-beaches, more than learning how to write well, that is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!.

Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?

Thank you, Dad."

Nori Evoy