SBI! Reviews: Destination Sites
Update #2

How Much Work Do I Do On My Site?
About As Much As I Do On These Updates

I'm bored.

I made a new series of Web pages the other day, a directory of Anguilla hotels. Within 2 days, it ranked on page 1, #1 for searches on "Anguilla hotel directory." Traffic started coming in. They follow the reviews to Tripadvisor, and I had added yet another way to make money from my Web ste.

So why am I bored? Because it is getting easier and easier.

As my site grows, the traffic grows. More people like my site and Google knows it (my Dad, who is the President of SiteSell which makes SBI!, says they measure visitor reaction to my site in hundreds of ways).

And all that traffic means I don't have to sell t-shirts at The Gap like my classmates. Instead, I keep adding new ways to turn vistitors (who really do love my Web site) into income.

How many ways to I make money?

  • Google ads -- thousands of dollars per month
  • Real Estate agent -- also very high (she is a friend, so I keep it a bit confidential)
  • Anguilla Villa Rentals
  • Hotels, too
  • Anguilla Car rentals
  • Referrals to offshore corporations
  • Affiliate income
  • Sale of my own DVD and anguilla keychain, as well as local crafts

My Dad is a little worried because I only spend an hour per week on my site, tops. The directory was the first big addition in months. And it only took me one full day. So, I was telling him...

"Dad, when we move to Anguilla, what if I just lived there, too and worked on my site? I don't really see the point of college. After all, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard because he didn't see the point."

My Dad can give a pretty sharp look, which he did. And he added...

"You're not Bill Gates."

Then he softened and smiled, "But Nori, you have a wonderful safety net."

Yes, I do.

And I'm not really bored. It's fun to think of new ideas. For example...

The hotel directory provides a valuable service...

People pick their favorite beach, then can quickly hone in potential hotels that are right for them.

Then, what does everyone want to know?

How did others like it?

And that's when they click to Tripadvisor and I add income by providing value to my visitors.

So much fun, and so easy to do even a college professor could do it (I hope none of them read this, though -- just kidding!).

Nori Evoy