Writing and Selling E-Books Update 3
An SBI! Review

During this period I really started to fully realize the extra benefits that come from having an online business that generates multiple streams of passive income. This multi-stream income model gave me the freedom to spend a lot of the time doing things other than working on my online business, while the income from my websites just kept flowing in.

In particular, I was able to devote a lot of 2008 to planning and preparing for the move to my new condo in the Griffintown area, near downtown Montreal. I had decided that since my daughter Leela had completed her studies and was working I didn't need as big a living space anymore, so I bought a small loft-style condo overlooking Old Montreal.

The downsizing process was a very liberating one indeed; I was able to get rid of so much deadweight "stuff" that I just didn't need. For my business, all I require is a desk in the corner for my computer, with a printer, and I'm fully functional.

Vacationing at Home!

By the spring I was all moved-in and had the new place fixed up to my liking. Because my various websites were running on automatic pilot I was able to spend the entire summer entertaining various out of town guests and "living the Montreal life", as they call it here.

That means that I spent most of the summer and early autumn having lots of fun attending such events as the Jazzfest, the Comedyfest, Cirque du Soleil's OVO, filmfests, museums, galleries, and generally making like a tourist all around town. I became a devoted fan and user of Montreal's new Bixi bike sharing system; logging hundreds of kilometers around the city.

Working was optional since I continued to benefit from the leveraged nature of the multi-stream income model.

In parallel with all of this, I spent some of my in-between time developing and adding content to my main theme-based content website, WritingHelp-Central.com. That SBI!-hosted site is the one that drives the targeted traffic to all of my other writing-related websites that sell my various e-books.

The free targeted traffic going to that site continues to grow to the point where, it had reached an average of more than 15,000 visitors per day,or more than 5 million no-cost visitors per year. That's a 30% increase over the year before. (Not bad for a humble little "writing help" site of about 275 pages, if I do say so myself!).

Of course, the key to all of this traffic has been to develop and post high quality keyword-targeted content directly related to my website theme.

Sharing What I Learned

My one big ongoing project this past year was to finally write a book/ebook that explains exactly how my multi-stream income model works. It is titled "The Self-Bailout Strategy - How To Recession-Proof Yourself With Multiple Online Income Streams". The book contains a detailed explanation of exactly how I have set myself up online to earn recurring income from various sources; income that continues to come in, even when I'm not working.

In fact, I was having so much fun doing all of the other stuff last year, that it took me a full eight months to complete that book! Previously I would have been able to do it in about three months!

Fruits of My Labour

When I think back now to my first couple of years online when I struggled somewhat to make a living -- and how it would have been so easy to just give up -- I am sure glad that I didn't! By hanging in there, and building up my business gradually, I have now reached the point where I make all of my own decisions and I am financially comfortable enough to enjoy life in a way that was never possible before.

I have come to realize over time that the online life is a great life.

Shaun Fawcett