SBI! Reviews: Local Business
Update #2

Hello Ken,

Judd Burdon here.

I know I just wrote you not so long ago, but I simply have to update you again now. I am so excited, I can barely believe how well my SBI site is doing.

Seriously, I sit here. I know the C T P M theory. I understand why it should work.

But I am still in awe!

I am number one ranked for critical words and top 10 for so many other asphalt business keywords that traffic keeps climbing. And my content seems to do a great job convincing them I know this area (I do!). How can I tell?

Simple! It's converting into leads...

My site is generating 40 to 50 inbound asphalt related leads daily. I have over 200 unique visitors daily and I earned $9000 this week. It's in my PayPal account!

Not only is traffic up and leads growing, but per-unit profit (my margin) is increasing, too. I started searching for another asphalt sealing equipment service provider at the beginning of last week because it was a real pain shipping my equipment from Canada to the USA.

Most of my clients are in the USA so if I could only find a USA based equipment provider I could eliminate all the Customs, freight, shipping time, etc. To make a long story short, I found a new equipment provider in the USA and the same equipment is half the price of what I used to pay.

In other words, "I hit the jackpot". My margins are huge.

This week alone I sold six complete sealing systems with over $1000 margin in each sale and the units are shipped directly from my supplier.

I also sold fourteen, four day asphalt sealing courses at $20 each and there is no cost to me other than the PayPal fee per transaction. I send the course out through the SBI sequential autoresponder feature SBI includes. I make $20 by literally doing nothing. I love it.

Ken, I'll repeat it... I am in awe!

I took knowledge that I had from the years that I spent in the asphalt sealing world and applied it online through SBI's system and will earn over $100,000 in profits if things continue just as they are. Amazing!

Best of all - I am doing it from the comfort of our villa on the beach in Anguilla!

All the best and thanks again for helping me achieve independence and to be in a place that I absolutely love. It's my pleasure to answer questions that come into for you -- Jim and I both feel it's the least we could do to say "thank you."

Judd Burdon